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acnezine - acne treatment

About Acnezine Acne Treatment Solution

We produce Acnezine Acne Treatment and a rich diversity of herbal supplements, capsule products and liquid formulas.

We manufacture harmful, unique and highly effective products that are able to aid people to solve their health problems. Acnezine has created an effective and actually unique line of herbal dietary pattern and other products.

We want to provide people with the finest quality products the price of which do not exceed our manufacturing costs much.

Acnezine Quality Control

Our raw materials pass the strictest quality control before they are used in the process of producing Bowtrol Treatment.

All kinds of raw materials pass the quality test before we use them in the further production. Quality control engineers are those people who have the right to reject any product on any stage of production, in the case if this product contradicts our quality standards. All steps and decisions that are made during the production are documented and then viewed by specialists of the quality control centre. The equipment that is used in the production is under control of the specialists as well. All these actions prevent our products from any contamination in the process of production. We also keep the production records which are connected with every unit of a product including all raw materials for two years after the expiration date.

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