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acnezine - acne treatment

Acnezine FAQs

What is the reason for acne?
The cause of acne is the blockage of hair follicle pores. The oil named surface skin fat accumulates inside them and leads to infection from microorganisms. If the infection stays under epithelium, it finally turns to a whitehead. If the infection reaches the skin surface in part and alters its color, it finally turns into a blackhead.

Is there a need to just remove surface skin fat from my organism?
No. If not blocked in the pores, surface skin fat helps keeping skin safe.

Why is sexual maturation considered to be the starting point of acne?
There is no certain knowledge about it. The point known is that the sebaceous glands which excrete surface skin fat are enlarged at sexual maturation.

Why is the skin around the spot commonly red?
The redness is a reason of organism's inflammatory reaction. Inflammation shows that the immune system is acting properly to struggle an infection. In fact, the inflammatory reaction is not always complete and perfect, it may even become a cause of ulosis.

If the skin becomes red, is it a reason to believe that I'll have ulosis?
Commonly, no. Even if the constant scar won't remain, you'll possess some consequent effects of the inflammation, that is your skin can remain red for months or even for over a year.

What is meant under free radicals?
The derivates of oxidation in the organism are called free radicals. Oxidation is a necessary part of life process, but an issue occurs concerning the accumulation of unrecycled free radicals and its influence on lots of conditions, as well as skin damage. Antioxidants, as well as some of Acnezine's active components, assist the organism in preventing free radicals' accumulation.

Does Acnezine possess any negative effects?
No. Acnezine's active components haven't revealed any negative effects. Researches show that they possess a certain quantity of preventive and beneficial curing features. Moreover, various components act together more effectively than they could have acted separately.

Is it necessary to purchase the treatment for all my life?
No. Differently from other treatments which act to fight the current problem, Acnezine acts to stop it and prevent its future developing in new acnes. The majority of our consumers will benefit from three to six month of usage, than they don't have a need to apply the treatment once more. The majority of individuals take Acnezine for several months of the year after the initial curing course, in form of maintenance that is highly suggested.

I've just initiated Acnezine program and my pimples are still present or have become worse. What steps should I take?
Acnezine needs about two weeks to begin acting. For the first moments an outbreak is possible. Don't stop using Acnezine! This outbreak means the remedy is acting to purify your organism of impurities and imbalances and your surface skin will be clean in a month. It's necessary that you go on with the course to achieve the effects. It is also necessary to know how long does thc stay in your system as this can be the triggering factor as well.

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