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acnezine - acne treatment

Acnezine Skin Care Acne Remedy's Principle of Action

Acne may be a little annoyance or an individual's tragedy! Acnezine's herbal components support the skin, decrease swelling and assist in curing scars.

The majority of people who have achieved youth or passed it have overcome at least in some way acne irritation and bad looks. Just a minority of lucky individuals have never or rarely been subjected to this problem. For most people acne is a thing they have to face, probably commonly when being teenagers, or at least for other periods of life. For some individuals acne is a horrible disease, always dreadful, invading, always awful and always reminding of itself, as well as preventing them from healthy personal relations and high levels of self-confidence.

The reason of acne is blockage of hair follicles in skin. There is not enough knowledge to tell the cause of this blocking, as well as why it is stronger revealed in some individuals than in others, also concerning one family. There's also no considerable knowledge why acne usually appears after sexual maturation, but in fact sebaceous glands are enlarged significantly during this period, which may be a reason. The oil, excreted by hair follicles, known as surface skin fat, because it provides protection of skin from drying and helps terminate skin diseases. But when surface skin fat can't dissolve, it accumulates and becomes a great environment for microorganisms.

As acme develops the skin can inflame. The skin may inflame even after pimple's burst or healing (do not squeeze out pimples, it may cause stronger skin infections). In strong conditions, ulosis may occur, associated with incompleteness in the inflammatory reaction to infection. There's no evidence to why certain individuals are more exposed to acne ulosis than others. Luckily, the majority of pimples and inflammation are healed over time, but the curing can last for a long time.

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